About Sieger

Sieger portret de Pijp Selfie 2018 thuisMy designs are characterized by natural shapes and a colorful, magical, dynamic style. Often the pieces incorporate hand crafted elements, which are later combined and adjusted digitally.

There is a vital interaction between my graphic design work, and my activities as a permaculture artist. Sieger Duinkerken Design was established in 2008. Since 2016, I create designs by integrating my fascination for the beauty of nature, and my quest for the intuitive understanding of natural patterns. Bringing wisdom from the natural world to the cultural plane.

This was the moment that I embarked on a journey in Artist Village Ruigoord, near Amsterdam. A dear friend and gifted colleague, Roberta Petzoldt (1984), lead me to this magical place. This was where I felt deeply inspired by visual artist Theo Kley (1936), who opened his colorful home and fairytale garden to the public a few times a year during festivals.

In Ruigoord I had the opportunity to develop a permaculture garden named Vlindertuin Ruigoord, and interweave my findings into my design work. I often work with clients in the field of sustainability, art & design, education, community and spirituality.

Having experience in graphic design, typography, motion graphic design, photography and video editing, I can translate ideas into attractive, communicating form. Over the years, it became clear to me how important feeling and intuition are in my design process. Honoring the rational mind as a beautiful tool, I opened up to a new way of designing. I welcomed the use of classic crafting skills such as aquarel and signpainting, while keeping in touch with high tech computer techniques.

I love to design your poster, flyer, book, mural, logo or full identity, blog content or air plane. I am especially keen on odd creative projects, involving a multidisciplinary approach, and/or projects in or about nature.

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